Air Quality

Let Sinistre Elegance ensure that your residential or commercial structure only circulates clean and fresh air. Toxins can contaminate the air that you are breathing, which, in turn, can be dangerous to your health and the health of anyone who is exposed. Our team will assess the air quality of your building and take the necessary steps to ensure a healthy breathing environment.

Analysis & Treatment of Air Quality

Whether you’re restoring a residential or commercial building that has undergone a disaster, or you are looking into purchasing a new building, one thing is certain—you will need assurance that the air quality in the building you’re about to purchase is safe, as well as healthy and toxin-free. Sinistre Elegance will perform a thorough assessment of the air quality in your building and provide a detailed report of the results.

Stripping & Decontaminating

If the air quality report that Sinistre Elegance has performed comes back with less than desired results, our team of experts can begin the decontamination process. Using the latest equipment and methods, our team of professionals will strip and sanitize your building, as well as discard anything that has been damaged beyond repair. A livable and breathable environment is crucial to your health, let us ensure that your next breath is toxin-free!


Guiding you through the process of recovery, after disaster strikes, is our goal and we will make the procedure as seamless as possible for you until you’re sitting comfortably in your newly renovated structure. Our team will completely renovate your space and take care of everything from electricity, plumbing and heating, to painting and finishing.

Content Processing

The air quality in your residential or commercial building may not be the only thing causing an unhealthy living environment— toxins and pollutants may have seeped into any exposed furniture, fabrics and clothing. Sinistre Elegance will have all of your items decontaminated and cleaned using our superior sterilization techniques.


Sinistre Elegance uses thermography to efficiently detect any harmful issues that may be hidden behind the confines of a wall. The use of thermography will help our team locate any temperature or water filtration problems without demolishing an entire wall to do so. Sinistre Elegance will find the problem at its root and repair it easily without creating irreversible damage in the process.